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Full enjoyment of your camera comes from full control over your camera & this is what I will teach you. 
Hi, my name's Chris & i live in New Milton, Hampshire. I've been teaching photography for the last 5 years. In that time I have helped many clients finally understand how to have complete control over their camera. By far, the majority of my clients have been mislead by Youtube & other photographers. Unfortunately most photographers hear something & simply repeat it without thinking or testing what they've heard, this leads to so many having the wrong information.

Whatever stage you think you are at, we will likely spend the first hour indoors, in unchanging light to go over the basic physics of photography & the camera controls. This is essential because the biggest mistake new photographers make is to take the advice of " the best way to learn is to go out & do it". You may go out & do it but when it goes wrong, you will have no idea WHY it's gone wrong. This is where understanding the basic physics before you go out is key. You'll learn what will happen in certain situations so things don't go wrong ( with practice ). 
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"I recently took Chris' course. I have been taking photos for years but the course made me realise I knew very little about my camera & how to use it. The course take you back to basics & now I have the knowledge to do so much more. I would definitely recommed Chris' course"

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"I got a camera a few years ago & I did a Jessops course & it didn't really stick in my head so I signed up to Chris' course & he makes sure you understand what he has taught you & does re-caps. I have learnt so much from him for less money! He is always available to help between lessons & does 1-1 lessons too. I now love my camera, one happy lady!"



"Really pleased I took Chris' course. I have learned so much about photography, finally!"

Unfortunately my Facebook & Instagram have been hacked

1 to 1 hourly tuition or assisted practice sessions are available

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