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Welcome to Oakwood Photography Tuition

Great shots come from great camera control, relying on luck simply won't get you the shots you want. Fortunately having full control over your camera is a lot easier than you might think if you approach the subject logically.

When we teach, we teach with a very logical approach, no jargon or technobabble. You don't need to be technically minded to get to grips with your camera!



We have a range of lesson options.  A 4 hour group foundation course, hourly 1 to 1 lessons face to face or via Zoom.

Feel free to get in touch to see which option suits you best.

We are located in New Milton on the edge of the New Forest. We are close to both a bus stop & train station & teach clients from Hampshire, Dorset & Wiltshire.

Zoom lessons allow us to teach anywhere in the world so you don't have to be local by any means.

We can even come to you if you are local!


The foundation class is held in New Milton & designed for anyone who doesn't fully understand what is going on & doesn't consistently get great shots. It will be a small group of 4 people for 4 hours usually on a Sunday from 10am but other days can be arranged. You will finally understand why your camera reacts to scenes the way it does & how to communicate with your camera to get the results you want & not put up with the results the camera decides to give you. ( £99 for the 4 hour lesson )

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Are you a beginner or intermediate photographer?

Quite honestly if you are having problems it's very likely there's something in the beginning you have missed so assuming you are intermediate can be a common issue. This is why we take everyone back to the start & build a rock solid foundation to build on. What we teach spans both beginner & intermediate & even further. Our aim is that you will learn proper camera control, meaning YOU will have the knowledge to get the shots YOU want in ANY situation.

*The next 4 hour foundation class is: Nov 7th 10am-2pm*


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1 to 1 lessons are ideal for anyone who learns better that way, needs help navigating their camera or wants bespoke lessons to take them further than the foundation course covers. Face to face or via Zoom is £40 per hour

Self learning via Youtube may seem appealing BUT remember Youtube is completely unregulated & literally anyone can do a video on photography.




"I recently took Chris' course. I have been taking photos for years but the course made me realise I knew very little about my camera & how to use it. The course take you back to basics & now I have the knowledge to do so much more. I would definitely recommed Chris' course"


"I got a camera a few years ago & I did a Jessops course & it didn't really stick in my head so I signed up to Chris' course & he makes sure you understand what he has taught you & does re-caps. I have learnt so much from him for less money! He is always available to help between lessons & does 1-1 lessons too. I now love my camera, one happy lady!"


"Really pleased I took Chris' course. I have learned so much about photography, finally!"

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Your digital camera will need some manual controls to benefit from lessons.
Any make of DSLR, Bridge, Mirrorless & some compact cameras will be fine.
Let us know what camera you have so we can make sure it's suitable.


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Making photography make sense.


You often only get one shot

Photography freedom comes from full control over your camera.

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